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Linksys WAP4400N Vs MacOS X 10.5 Leopard

I bought a Linksys WAP4400N WiFi access point for offering basic wireless networking in my company. Setup with WPA2 was plain easy and worked perfectly for my 10.4 PowerBook and some Windows XP guinea pigs using 802.11g.

However, impossible to get it working with my two MacOS X 10.5 MacIntel machines, using 802.11n. It just sees the network, tries to connect and complains about some kind of timeout.

Aug 29 09:58:02 welcome System Preferences[581]: Error joining Linkeo: Delai de connexion (-6 timeout connecting)

Hopefully, there was a firmware update for the Linksys WAP4400N to version 1.2.14.

I downloaded a firmware image from Linksys website labelled WAP4400N_Firmware_R1.2.14_01152008.img. It should be corrupted because i never managed to get it recognised by the Linksys device.

Hopefully, there's a WAP4400N_Firmware_R1.2.14.9-ETSI_01202008.img firmware available on linksys-uk website which is usable.

Since the firmware update, my 10.5 802.11n MacIntel work perfectly with the Linksys WAP4400N device.

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