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iproute2 debugging

While adding some special routes for some machines i figured some errors on the router:

kernel: martian source 6827efd8 for f738d456, dev ppp0

Some comments found on the net stated these were MAC addresses, while it appears those was too short. More, i couldn't find something that look like that in our servers MAC addresses.

The light came after installing Pike's using

$ pike
Pike v7.6 release 86 running Hilfe v3.5 (Incremental Pike Frontend)
> IP.v4.Address(0x6827efd8);
(1) Result: IP.v4.Address("")
> IP.v4.Address(0xf738d456);
(2) Result: IP.v4.Address("")

It's now more clear that my router bothers about one of Google's IP ( talking to my ppp0 IP ( on the ppp0 interface.

Now, i can make more tests using ip route get pointed out by redax on #pike:

# ip route get from iif ppp0
RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument

Fixing this is a different story, but i can now name what's wrong.

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