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Caudium 1.5: System limits

Ever wanted to figure out the system limits for your Caudium server?

I did, because my busy Caudium box sometimes died with the following message: "Out of sockets (1024 active)".

I tried to increase the system limits before trying to reduce the number of used sockets in my own Caudium modules, but the operating system doc wasn't really clear. As a consequence, i wasn't sure i increased them well.

That's why it's know possible to know the current limits via the Caudium Configuration Interface (CIF), under Actions -> Status -> Limits Status.

The code is here: [external] It's totally backward-compatible with Caudium 1.4. My production servers are started with a custom start-caudium script which increases the limits at startup time and sports this CIF code.

Some options should be added in the CVS soon for being able to increase the limits at startup time.

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